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WHC3111912: Burr - Hamilton Duel Ground Is Not Now on the MapOTWHC311
Description:This is a newspaper article from 1912 (copyrighted by the Continental Newspaper Syndicate and written by Frank H. Brooks). Given some information on an advertisement on the back of the page, this seems to be from a San Francisco newspaper.
WHC3841921 Calendar - 19th Street Methodist Episcopal ChurchOTWHC384
Description:This promotional calendar from the 19th Street Methodist Episcopal Church features a picture of the very earnest looking Reverend A. L. DeWire. <p> </p>
WH000271921 Erie Railroad Fire Report
Description:A 17-page report of the November 3-4, 1921 Erie Railroad Fire at the Weehawken Terminal. The report was published on November 30, 1921.
WHC2241930s View of O&amp;W PiersOTWHC224
Description:1930s view of the coal piers of the Ontario and Western Railway terminal with the New York City skyline beyond. From Marine Line Equipment - January-September 1992, published by the Ontario and Western Railway Historical Society.
WHC4041937 Drug Co Fire Newsreel StillsOTWHC404
Description:On September 15, 1937, an electrical accident at the S.B. Penick and Company mixing plant sparked a major fire, visible for miles around. More than 100 employees were evacuated with 20 injuries reported and 600 students at PS 1 (the Lincoln School) were evacuated as well. These images are from a contemporary Universal Newsreel. The description of the story reads: BLAST, FIRE TRAP 100 GIRLS, WEEHAWKEN, N.J. -- A terrific explosion, followed by flames which engulf a drug manufacturing plant, menaces the lives of 100 girls at work in the building. Frantic rescue efforts save all of the girls, but 20 of them are seriously hurt. [show more]
WHC5311938 Basketball Belt BuckleOTWHC531
Description:This brass belt buckle is inscribed: 1938 W.W.H.S. J.V. Champs and has a picture of a basketball player. I assume that WWHS is Woodrow Wilson High School and JV is Junior Varsity.
WH000261939 World's Fair Information Booth
Description:Black and white photograph from Mayor Meister's scrapbook, showing a manned information booth outside the Lincoln Tunnel, in the shape of the Trylon and Perisphere, symbols of the 1939 fair.
WHC5561940s Weehawken Mug ShotsOTWHC556
Description:A collection of Weehawken Police Department mug shots from the 1940s. We don't have any information on who these people were or what they were accused of doing.
WHC3941941 Calendar - The Jersey ObserverO2WHC394
Description:This 1941 calendar declares the Jersey Observer as the paper with the: <p>Largest Circulation in Hudson County, New Jersey</p> <p>and notes that the County had a population of 651,175 in 1940.</p> <p> </p>
WHC4761941 Calendar - Weehawken Trust CompanyOTWHC476
Description:This is an advertising calendar from the Weehawken Trust Company, which was, of course, located in (wait for it) Union City, on Bergenline Avenue at 48th Street.