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AMB001Electric Ferry Advertising Ink BlotterImage
Description:Undated advertising card for the Electric Ferry which ran between Boulevard East in Weehawken and West 23rd Street in New York City, carrying passengers and vehicles. <p>According to a New York Times article, the Electric Ferry ceased operating from Weehawken on August 1, 1943 after 17 years of operation staring in 1926. The Weehawken boats were moved to the Edgewater-125th Street run.<br /><br />While it was called the Electric Ferry, these boats actually derived their power from diesel engines which produced electricity to spin the propellers.</p> <p>Related links: <br /><br /><a href="https://www.fadingad.com/fadingadblog/2012/01/09/electric-ferry-company-inc-weehawken-exit-of-lincoln-tunnel-weehawken-nj/">Fading Ad Blog</a></p> <p></p> [show more]
AMB002Photo of the waterfront from Boulevard East and Pershing Road
Description:Undated photograph showing the Weehawken waterfront while it was still an active railroad and river transportation nexus. A trolley can be seen at the lower left of the image.<br /><br />Based on the cars seen in the image, it appears to be from the 1930s, but this is a guess.<br /><br />The Esso station shown in the photo is today an Exxon station (a successor company to Esso) [show more]
AMB003Program - Celebrate Hamilton 2017PD
Description:Each July, the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society presents a variety of events celebrating Hamilton's life. They also commemorate the anniversary of Hamilton's death fro wounds suffered in the famous duel here in Weehawken.<br /><br />This is the program for their 2017 events.<br /><br />More information:<br /><br /><a target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society</a> [show more]
AMB004Weehawken High School Wood Shop - 1925
Description:Photograph of the Weehawken High School Wood Shop labeled 1925.<br /><br />Provided by Paul Simons, ex Woodshop teacher at WHS and Superintendent Fitzsimmons.
AMB005Advertisement - The Storm King - Train
Description:Newspaper advertisement announcing the new West Shore Railroad Storm King train from Weehawken to Albany with service commencing July 8, 1928. This service included a buffet parlor car and connected at Albany with the new Day Coach De Luxe.&lt;p&gt;<br />Source of the advertisement and exact date is unknown. [show more]
AMB007Palisades Railroad Time Table (reproduction)
Description:A reproduction of the timetable (effective May 13, 1894) for trains of the Palisades Railroad running between Weehawken and Fort Lee and ferries between Weehawken and NYC (42nd Street and Franklin Street).
AMB009New York Central System Ferry Pass 1947-1948OTNew York Central System Ferry Pass 1947-1948
Subject:New York Central System Ferry Pass 1947-1948
Description:Season ticket for the NYCRR Weehawken Ferry for 1947-1948
AMB0101941 Public Service Bus #16 Timetable1941 Public Service Bus #16 Timetable
Subject:1941 Public Service Bus #16 Timetable
Description:1941 Public Service Bus #16 Timetable
AMB011The Genuine Wiehawken Granite Co's Laundry TubOTThe Genuine Wiehawken Granite Co's Laundry Tub
Subject:The Genuine Wiehawken Granite Co's Laundry Tub
Description:Metal label, presumably from said laundry tub, which includes the additional information:<br /><br />"Approved by Building Department<br />And<br />Board of Health New York City.<br />Composition<br />Three parts crushed granite<br />to one part Portland Cement" [show more]
AMB012Stock Transfer Certificates - West Shore and Ontario Terminal CompanyStock Transfer Certificates - West Shore and Ontario Terminal Company
Subject:Stock Transfer Certificates - West Shore and Ontario Terminal Company
Description:Two 1883 stock transfer certificates executed at Weehawken