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WH00011Boulevard East exit from Route 495Access to Route 495
Subject:Access to Route 495
Description:9" x 11" black and white photograph of the Boulevard East exit from the helix, going west
WH00064Construction photographs - Weehawken High SchoolBlack and white photographs of the construction of Weehawken High School (Hamilton High School) in 1939.
Subject:Black and white photographs of the construction of Weehawken High School (Hamilton High School) in 1939.
Description:A group of photographs of the construction of Weehawken High School, taken by photographer R. A. Wurgel, in August and October of 1939. The contractor for the project was Reliable Construction and Engineering Company, 604 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ. [show more]
WH00061Letters from European Color and Chemical Company - 1930Business correspondence on company letterhead
Subject:Business correspondence on company letterhead
WH00067Jerome Robbins Yearbook Picture, Drama Club photoJerome Robbins
Subject:Jerome Robbins
Description:Page 38 of The Zenith, Woodrow Wilson High School Yearbook. Jerome W. Rabinowitz (who changed his name to Jerome Robbins) is pictured, with his bio. Page 67 shows Robbins in the front row of the Dramatic Club group photo, taken in front of Woodrow Wilson High School. [show more]
WHC000102204 Palisade AvenueWHC00010
Description:Black and white photograph of a house located at 2204 Palisade Avenue, taken circa 1900.
WHC1West Hoboken, N.J.PCWHC1
Description:Black and white photo from cliff with rail tracks. Postmarked August 19, 1907.
WHC10On the Hillside, West Hoboken, NJWHC10
WHC100Boulevard showing Schuetzen Park, Union Hill, NJPCWHC100
Description:Black and white postcard of Schuetzen Park, located on J.F. Kennedy Boulevard, North Bergen, NJ. 25 acres of land were purchased in 1875 and it was opened as a shooting range. <p>Postcard published by John C. Voigt Poscard Co, Jersey City, NJ. Printed in Germany.</p> [show more]
WHC101Anniversary postal cover - Hamilton - Burr DuelOTWHC101
Description:This commemorative envelope was posted from Union City on July 11, 1984, the 180th anniversary of the Hamilton-Burr duel.
WHC102NY &amp; NJ Crematory - Weehawken, NJ - Telephone 219 UnionPCWHC102
Description:A black and white postcard photo of an institution that Weehawkenites were just dying to get into. Actually located at 4101 Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen, NJ. Was originally Becker's Castle, enlarged in 1907. Currently called Garden State Crematory. Stamped September 19, 1958 on reverse with text, but never mailed. [show more]