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WHC88273Zenith Yearbook Cover - Weehawken HS - 1929OTWHC88273
Description:This copy of some cover art from the June 1929 edition of Weehawken's Woodrow Wilson High School's Yearbook, The Zenith was sent to the Time Machine by Connie Beattie of Lacombe, LA in honor of her aunt Esther Berntsen Dunn.
WHC88272Zenith Yearbook Cover - Weehawken HSOTWHC88272
Description:This copy of some cover art from Vol III, No. 1 of Weehawken's Woodrow Wilson High School's Yearbook, The Zenith was sent to the Time Machine by Connie Beattie of Lacombe, LA in honor of her aunt Esther Berntsen Dunn.
WHC88370WW I Tents and Soldiers in WeehawkenOTWHC88370
Description:Black and white undated photo showing a group of World War I vintage tents and soldiers at the bottom of the Hackensack Water Company reservoir adjacent to Highwood Avenue. Photo donated to the WHC by Weehawken resident Carlota Barreda.
WHC88385Wright Family Home in The ShadesOTWHC88385
Description:Black and white photo, circa 1900. This ivy-covered house was the last building on 19th Street in the Shades before the cliffs. From the collection of Mark Wright.
WHC478World War II Service MedalO2WHC478
Description:Medal issued by Weehawken to persons who served in World War II. The front of the medal reads "Pro Patria" up top and the reverse of the medal reads "From the citizens of Weehawken, N.J. to (blank space for name) in grateful recognition of services in World War II." [show more]
WHC20060038World War II Ration BookOTWHC20060038
Description:This ration book, dating from World War II, contains coupons issued to Beatrice C. Haug, John G. Haug and Julia E. Stutzer, all of 91 Hauxhurst Avenue of Weehawken. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.
WHC260World War 1 MemorialPCWHC260
Description:Black and white photo postcard with the following caption: <br /><br />Weehawken Memorial for her twenty-one sons who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War 1. The monument stands on the northern end of Hamilton Plaza, Weehawken, N.J. <p> </p> Called the Soldiers and Sailors monument, it was erected in 1930 as part of Hamilton Plaza and Park. The bronze figures were designed by sculptor John Rapetti (1862-1936), who was a Weehawken resident. He also created the bronze Hamilton bust at the Hamilton Monument on Hamilton Avenue. [show more]
WHC88166Working Together Produces Results in Weehawken - World TunnellingPDWHC88166
Description:This article from the December 2003 issue of World Tunnelling magazine describes the process of rehabilitating the West Shore Railroad Tunnel for use in the new Hudson Bergen Light Rail Project. <p></p>
WHC88306Woodrow Wilson Jr. High Delegation to the NJ TercentenaryOTWHC88306
Description:Barbara Helmich sent in this photo and explains: This is a picture of a lot of my classmates at Woodrow Wilson Junior High in 1964. We participated in a NJ Tercentenary celebration and each of us represented (in our gym suits!) a NJ county.
WHC388Woodrow Wilson HS Senior Play 1939OTWHC388
Description:Program entitled: <p>The Senior Class <br />of the <br />Woodrow Wilson High School<br />Weehawken, New Jersey</p> <p>Presents the annual<br />School Play</p> <p>You Can't Take It With You</p> <p>Friday Evening, March 31, 1939<br />8:30 o'clock</p> <p> </p> [show more]