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This postcard shows one of the ferry boats which carried passengers from Weehawken to New York City.

Undated sepia toned photograph of the West Shore Railroad Ferry Kingston, which plied the Hudson River between New York City and Weehawken. This photo is from the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Black and white photograph of commuters on the Weehawken ferry taken by Charles Schneider in the 1940s. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

This colored photo comes to us from Eileen Kelly whose father, Mark Kelly, worked for the New York Central's West Shore Railroad at night while he was still in High School (where he caught a few winks on occasion). One of Eileen's grandfathers,…

Black and white photograph, taken by noted photographer Ben Heller, looking down onto Pershing Road from the Grauert steps. Note the advertising signs that were all along the edge of the Palisades on Pershing Road.

Photograph of the New York Central Ferry Stoney Point at Weehawken found on the excellent RailFan web site.

These two black and white photos show the interior of the New York Central Railroad ferry boat Albany some time in the 1930s, when it crossed the Hudson between New York and Weehawken. Note the ad for Eagan Business Schools, whose founder and…

A photographic essay on the end of the Weehawken Ferry by photographer Shirley Burden which appeared in the Winter 1956-57 issue of Gentry Magazine on page 61. This item is in the collection of Willie Demontreux.

Note for twenty five cents from the Weehawken Ferry Company, dated July 1862. The note states that it is Receivable for Ferriage or redeemable in current funds when presented in amounts of even dollars.

This 1853 document contains the charters of these two companies as well as a prospectus for investors. It is 19 pages long.
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