Presented by

The Township of

Richard F. Turner,

and the

Township Council

James J. Terlizzi
Deputy Mayor
Councilman at Large

Carmela Silvestri Ehret
First Ward

Rosemary J. Lavagnino
Second Ward

Robert J. Sosa
Third Ward


Historical Commission


Essay Contest

As part of the commemoration of the Hamilton-Burr Duel, the Township of Weehawken, the Weehawken Board of Education and the Weehawken Historical Commission sponsored an essay contest for Weehawken Students.

Students were asked to write an essay on the following topic:

Both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr accomplished much in their lives before the tragic events of July 11, 1804. Both fought in the Revolutionary War and influenced the development of the basics of our democratic form of government. How was today's America shaped by the ideas of Hamilton and Burr?

Two essays were chosen as prize winners.

The authors of the winning essays were:

Alexandra Silver


Maura Hehir

both of
Weehawken High School

Click on each student's name to read their essays...

The winning authors were presented with certificates of achievement during the live, nationwide broadcast of the Hamilton-Burr Duel Symposium on C-SPAN on July 11, 2004. They were also each given a $300 US Savings Bond for their efforts.