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The Township of

Richard F. Turner,

and the

Township Council

James J. Terlizzi
Deputy Mayor
Councilman at Large

Carmela Silvestri Ehret
First Ward

Rosemary J. Lavagnino
Second Ward

Robert J. Sosa
Third Ward


Historical Commission


United States Postal Service
Special Event Cancellations

In recognition of the historical importance of this event, the United States Postal Service established a 'special event station' at the duel re-enactment on July 11 and postmarked letters, cards and other materials with a special cancellation (shown above) designed to commemorate this event.

Update: The thirty day period for this pictorial special event cancellation has expired. If you would like to purchase items with the cancellation, we have seen some for sale on eBay. Please note that these items are being sold by private individuals and are not connected with the WHC.

The official commemorative cachet, produced by the USPS and bearing the official logo of the event is pictured below.

USPS Official Cachet

The Weehawken Historical Commission extends its thanks and appreciation to the United States Postal Service for its assistance in commemorating this special occasion.