About the Time Machine

Weehawken Historical Commission

The Weehawken Historical Commission was established in 1997, with members appointed by Mayor Richard F. Turner. Our first task was to catalog historical documents, photographs and other items that were stored in the Weehawken Public Library. Since that time, we have accumulated many hundreds of new pieces of memorabilia through donations by residents and others who now live outside the township, but still feel a strong connection to their home town. We are always pleased to receive these additions to the collection.

Our mission is to preserve and share Weehawken's history, which, for such a small place, has had an enormous wealth of happenings, not only interesting to its own residents, but on a national level as well. We are working to digitize all items in our collection, as well as to update current entries. We would be pleased to accept donations of new material from the public and will be happy to credit the donations - secure your place in Weehawken history!
You can contact the Weehawken Historical commission by info@weehawkenhistory.org or by phone at 201-708-6538.

200th Anniversary of The Hamilton Burr Duel

The WHC was pivotal in developing and organizing the activities of the 200th anniversary of the Hamilton - Burr duel in 2004. These included C-SPAN live television coverage of a waterfront reenactment of the duel with descendants of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr as participants, a ceremony to dedicate new historical markers at the Hamilton Monument and a televised symposium, with authors and scholars Thomas Fleming, Joanne Freeman, and Ron Chernow, (who had just completed his book, Alexander Hamilton), moderated by Professor Carol Berkin. A limited edition commemorative medallion was created and the United States Postal Service established a 'special event station' and postmarked letters, cards and other materials with a special cancellation designed to commemorate this event. And finally, an essay contest for Weehawken students was co-sponsored by the Board of Education and the WHC.

Weehawken’s 150th Anniversary

The organization was also involved in preparations for the Weehawken's 150th anniversary celebration events in 2009, which began on March 15, 2009. Projects included the publishing of the Arcadia Images of America Series book, Weehawken, written by Commission members Lauren Sherman and Ellen Gaulkin, with all proceeds going to support our work at the WHC, designing and installing 12 historical markers at township sites of interest, and an 18-month limited edition calendar, Windows of Weehawken, with artist quality photographs of stained glass windows from Weehawken residences and public buildings, and calendar pages documented with important historical dates in the township. WHC members Lauren Sherman and Willie Demontreux created and led historical walking tours of Weehawken's neighborhoods, bringing the town's history to life in context.

The Time Machine

This website would not be possible without the extraordinary vision and efforts of Weehawken Historical Commission member Al Berg, who not only created the Weehawken Time Machine website, but has been acting as webmaster for 15 years. And he has made an extremely significant contribution to the collection we now hold, for which we are most appreciative.